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Conservation and wildlife : bibliography

Conservation and wildlife : bibliography / ed. by Edith M. Laird. - Coconut Grove : Field Research Projects, 1967-1971. - 5 vol. - [RBINS/C19438]

Quelques références sur la conservation du gorille (articles publiés entre 1960 et 1971).

Extrait de l'introduction :

"How can man believe in himself? An objective appraisal reveals no justification of man as the superior creature when the majority of his species behave in a sub-human manner. Man is not motivated by values, or guided by his singularity high intelligence, nor does he move in a fine harmony with his environment. Quite the contrary, he is the only animal who destroys it completely, and in so doing destroy that which is finest in himself."

"Each form of life is unique, just as man himself is unique."

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